Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To Build A Coat Rack, Part 1

                     How to build a coat rack.
A coat rack makes a great beginner project. They can be made any size you desire, and the designs you can carve on them is endless. This coat rack is carved with a bird and branch using a hand held rotary tool and a 5/16" carving bit.
To build a coat rack, you will need 4 maple pegs, two maple caps, and a piece of pine board. You can buy the caps and pegs at your local hardware store or on Workshop Supply on line. The pegs I am using are 3 1/2" long. The tools needed are, a drill press, a brad point drill, the right size for your maple caps, and a band saw.

Make a jig, similar to this one to put on your drill press. This one is 10" by 14'" and  the jig tapers from 2" down.  This jig is used to hold the coat rack at the desired angle, on the drill press, so that all of your pegs will be at the same angle.

Draw your outline and design on your board.

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