Monday, February 4, 2013

Coat rack jig

                              Coat Rack Jig 
This is a jig to help make the holes at the right angle for a coat rack. Coat racks are a simple and fun project that is also useful.
This is the side view of a coat rack jig. This will give you the right angle for the pegs on a coat rack.

This jig is 2" high on one side and tapers down.  The top of the jig is 10" by 12". I used a thin piece of plywood for the top and  two 3/4" by 10" pine strips 2" on one side and tapering down. I used glue and small nails to fasten the two sides to the top.

This is my son making the holes for the pegs for a coat rack  on a drill press.
                       Eugenie Woodcraft  
            Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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