Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How To Paint And Antique A Daisy Shelf, Part 1

 How to Paint and Antique, a Yellow Daisy Shelf.
This shelf can be bought on etsy, unfinished or you can buy the woodworking  plan on Sawtooth Ideas when it comes available. This shelf only requires a table saw, a band saw , a router, and a hand held rotary tool. 

First choose the colors for your shelf. I am going to paint the Daisy yellow with  two tone green leaves. You can paint the daisy pink or blue or a mixture if you want to. It's up to you. 

Dip one side of  a half  inch paint brush, in white and the other side in green.  It doesn't matter if they touch and blend a little.

                         Eugenie Woodcraft
               Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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