Sunday, February 10, 2013

For Women Only, Woodworking Plans

                                                       For Women Only

Hello to all you women out there. Did you ever want a little shelf, maybe with a flower carved in the middle for that little space in the bathroom or  a small cupboard, just big enough to store your canned pickles and jam. Did you ever ask your other half to build you one and you are still waiting for him to finish making his bread board or dove tails or rabbits? Does he disappear in the garage only to return with a coffee table that took 6 months to build, is way too large and screams, (Look what I made, that you will never be able to get rid of!) Well why not build something yourself. I have perfected a simple method of woodworking that enables even a novice to make beautiful furniture, in a reasonable amount of time, and with only basic tools. So why not park the car in the driveway and set yourself up a little shop in the garage and make yourself something nice, that you really want, this weekend. Woodworking is a great hobby for women, it doesn't take great strength  and it is very satisfying to build something yourself. Many people have tools hanging around, collecting dust, why not put them to good use. My plans show you step by step how to build, carve and finish each project. I have built all of these projects myself and you can too. Each plan shows you a fun, fast, and easy way to carve with a hand held rotary tool which allows you to personalize your projects and adds that something special. You can build it, I can help.
                              Beautiful Furniture, Made Simple.
                        Eugenie Woodcraft

                      Let him do the dishes,
                   you've got things to build!

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