Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To Antique Painted Furniture. Part 2.

     Antiquing a Swans and Roses Pine Bench
To antique paint, I use either stain or antique gold paint. Plain old water based craft paint works well. This time I am using antique gold paint because I chose a light colored paint. Antique gold looks nice on light colors. On a darker color, I would use Pecan or Walnut stain.

Use the small brush to paint the antique gold in the grooves. Do one section at a time, before the paint has time to dry, wipe each section down with the wet sponge dipped in the gold paint.  Follow the grain of the wood, leaving the amount of antiquing that you desire. The antiquing is going to take some of the brightness out of the paint, giving it an aged look. 

Don't forget to do the sides.
                          Eugenie Woodcraft

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