Monday, March 25, 2013

Bookcase, Bookshelf, Woodworking Plan

                  Aimee and Faith, Bookcases
These are two new woodworking plans that I have just posted on Sawtooth Ideas. The larger one is Aimee. She features a lovely rose carved molding, with adjustable shelves and a large bottom drawer. These bookcases are both built using the glue, screw and cap method. This is a simple method of woodworking that allows even a novice to achieve great results in a reasonable amount of time.This plan also features carving with a hand held rotary tool, a fun and easy method of carving.

This is Faith, a simple and charming smaller sized bookcase that features one rose and  adjustable shelves. This bookcase can also be ordered from my Etsy shop.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Friday, March 22, 2013

High Chair, For Older Children

The original design for this chair came from my father. He built two chairs similar to this one when the twins were born. I remember watching him build them. The original chairs were made of 1 sheet of 1/2" plywood, with just a jigsaw and a grinder. My mother painted them black and applied a decal of a basket of fruit on the back. I changed the plan a little by slanting the back legs out to help keep the chair  from being tipped back, and I slanted the back a little to make them more comfortable. This one is made of pine, and is carved with the Sunset design. These chairs are available on my etsy, and coming soon to Sawtooth Ideas as a woodworking plan.

This is a high chair for older children. This is not for babies that can not sit in a chair without falling off. It is designed so that an older child is at the right height to eat properly without a booster seat. The chair sides are lower so it will slip under most tables. These chairs are available in the Sunset, Roses or Robin motif, and come in Special Walnut, Pecan or Time Worn White.

This is Mr Penguin, sitting comfortably  at the table.

                         Eugenie Woodcraft
                Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Coat Racks, Coat Racks, Coat Racks

          Coat Racks, Coat racks, Coat Racks
These are my Birds and leaves coat racks. They are carved with a bird  on a branch and leaves. I made this model almost ten years ago. The top rack is stained Pecan with gold antiquing,  the middle is painted with cream paint then antiqued with gold, and the last one is Special Walnut stain. These are 22' long, with four pegs.

The top rack is my Swans and Roses coat rack. She has six pegs and is 32" long.The bottom rack is a new model, called the Sunset Coat Rack . She features a modern sunset motif. These racks are now available on as a woodworking plan.
              Athena, Extraordinary Coat Rack
This is my lovely Athena. The coat slips on the shoulders. This is great to hold a heavy coat or robe. She looks good in an entry and has a matching Zeus, the male version. This is an older version, the new one has a hook for the keys where this one has the screw hole. Athena can be ordered in Time Worn Black, Time Worn White, Special Walnut or Pecan.

These are large single peg coat racks. They are great for  umbrellas, throws, or towels.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wine Cupboard, Wine rack, Wine storage

    Rebecca, wine storage with removable tray.
This is Rebecca, my wine storage cupboard. She is elaborately carved with roses and features  five horizontal wine storage units and a drawer to store your drink accessories. There is one shelf in the middle for vertical storage. The top of the cupboard is a removable tray so you can easily transport your drinks.

This is Rebecca without the tray top.This charming cupboard will fit anywhere with style. This particular model is not on my etsy but I can make one for you.

Eugenie Woodcraft

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things I built, Little Pie Shop

                            The Pie Shop
This is a little Pie shop that I built in two months from bare walls to finished. There were three tables to have tea and desserts. The counter that has the chalk board on it had a counter on the other side where all the pies were made.

In the pie shop there was a section where I sold some of my furniture. 
Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Large Mirror With Glass Etching

          Megan, Large Mirror With Etching
This is Megan, my large frame with flowers, vines, and a butterfly etched in the mirror. This frame would also be good for a chalk board or tack board. It is carved with simple roses and one larger rose  on the top. Etching glass is fairly simple to do, Check out my post, on 1/26/2013 on (How to sandblast butterflies on glass, part 1, 2, 3, and 4.) This mirror is great on a wall in your dressing room, or just somewhere to reflect light.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful  Furniture, Made Simple

Box Bench, Storage Bench, Bench Stool

     Bench Boxes, Storage Boxes, Stepping Stool
I built the black box bench for my daughter so that she could reach into her cupboards when she got her first apartment.
I filled it with everyday tools so that she could hang up pictures and what not. These boxes measure 9" by 16" by 9". They can be ordered with or without roses, or some other motif, like the birds and leaves or a large daisy. These boxes are sturdy enough to stand on but pretty enough to fit in anywhere. They can be ordered in Pecan, Special Walnut, Time Worn Black, Time Worn White, or Antique Blue.

Eugenie Woodcraft

Pine Cupboard, Canning Cupboard, Kitchen Cupboard

           Susan, elaborately carved cupboard.
This is Susan, my charming little rose carved, canning cupboard.   She features an elaborately carved rose back  piece and doors. This cupboard is as versatile as she is pretty. This cupboard would be just as useful in a kitchen holding your newly canned pickles or in the bathroom to store shampoo. This cupboard is available on my Etsy shop and can be ordered in Pecan as shown, or Special Walnut. 

This is a closeup of the rose carvings.
                         Eugenie Woodcraft
             Beautiful Furniture, Made Simple

Monday, March 11, 2013

Drop Leaf Desk or Table

                            Francine, drop down desk or table.
This is Francine when she is closed.

 This is Francine, a  handy drop down table that is great for small spaces. You can use her in the kitchen for extra work space or dinning, in the laundry room, to fold your clothes on, in a small bedroom as a desk or in any place where space is limited. She is made of pine, and looks like a charming cupboard when closed but opens to make a table. She has shelves inside and is 4 1/2" deep. This drop leaf cupboard is also available as a woodworking plan on Sawtooth Ideas. 

Eugenie Woodcraft

Spindle Shelf, Antique Blue

                               Antique Blue Spindle Shelf
Victoria, antique blue spindle shelf. This shelf is 9 1/4" deep, 15" high and 38" long.  She can be made to measure.Choose Antique Blue, Pecan, Special walnut. or Time Worn White. She has 4 pegs and features hand carved roses.

Eugenie Woodcraft

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Box Bureau, Storage Boxes

                        Monica Box Bureau
This is Monica, my little box bureau. This piece fits nicely in a hall or entrance to help organize your hats and mittens or in a kitchen for napkins and other things. This one is decorated with roses but can be ordered plain, or with some other motif.

Eugenie Woodcraft

Drop Leaf Desk or Side Table

             Evelyn,  Drop Leaf Table or Desk
This is Evelyn, my drop leaf, side table or desk. I made the woodworking plan over 10 years ago. This is still one of my favorites. She is not too large, just 32" wide and 12" deep. This makes a great little sideboard when entertaining, but can be closed when not in use. She is carved with roses and leaves and this one is finished in Pecan.

This is the Four Rose Pattern.

Evelyn has a shelf for storage under the leaf.
                         Eugenie Woodcraft

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Small Clock, Storage Clock

                           Lovely Little Liza
This is my lovely Liza. She is a small sized storage clock.  She looks great on a mantle or shelf. Nice, easy to read dials, even  across a room, for people like me. She has one shelf in the middle. This one is Pecan but she also comes in Special Walnut or Time worn white.

The woodworking plans for this clock are available on Sawtooth Ideas, or you can buy one in your choice of color on Etsy.
                         Eugenie Woodcraft

Grandmother Clock, Storage Clock

                          Lovely Elizabeth
This is my beautiful Elizabeth. She features elaborate rose carvings and a round glass face with two storage compartments. She has a lock and key and sings just for me, every half hour. I built this about 8 years ago and I liked her so much that I kept her. She stands proudly in my dinning room.
This clock is actually made and shipped in three pieces, the bottom, middle, and top.  There is ample storage  and comes in Pecan as shown or Special Walnut.
                           Eugenie Woodcraft

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Benches and Stepping Stools

                     The Three Little Benches
This little stool is Antique Blue with Roses, and is just the right size to help you  reach into that cupboard. They measure 16" wide by 9" high and 9" deep. Just the right size for your little one to watch TV,  or brush there teeth.

This one has a dump truck on the top to please your little tough guy.

This one has a  an Antique Painted Daisy which comes in pink, yellow as shown, or blue.

Eugenie Wodcraft
Beautiful Furniture, Made Simple.

Shadow Boxes and Pin Boxes

            Shadow Box, Pin Box,  Jewelry Box
These boxes are great for collections, pins or to keep your memories safe. They can be made any size and you can choose a Rose, Robin or Sunset motif on the top of the frame or order one just plain if you want to. The box is backed with a 1" Styrofoam and black velour. There is about 1" of space in between the glass and the velour.

These boxes are great for displaying your collection of brooches. My aunt left me her collection of 92 brooches. She was very dear to me and so I built this box to hold the memories, but 92 brooches is ALOT of Brooches. I kept 25 of my favorites, and gave away the rest to friends and family. I don't think she would have minded, because she was a very generous soul. I have these to remind me of her, and her kindness. This case is above my bedside table. Why hide away something so pretty.

This is a small box perfect to display up to 12 pins.You can see all the extra space that is unused! Can't you?
                       Eugenie Woodcraft
            Beautiful Furniture, Made Simple.

Keepsake ot Letter Box 2.

                   Box Jewelry Box, Letter Box
This charming box opens to a black velvet bottom, which lifts to reveal a hiding place for those love letters, or what not. Measures 13" by 9" by 6". Charming, unique, hand carved with roses. Choose Time worn white, Antique black,Special walnut or pecan. The white model shown is finished with crackle paint which has to be special ordered and is $15 more.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautifu furniture, made simple.

Keepsake or Letter Box 1.

                                              Keepsake or letter box 1.
This keepsake or letter box is 13" by 9" by 6" and is finished in white crackle paint. The bottom is covered in black velvet which lifts off to reveal a secret hiding place for those love letters or what not. Choose Time Worn White, Pecan or Special walnut.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture made simple.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cupboard doors, hand carved

                                 Cupboard doors, Rose Model
These are some of the available models of cupboard doors that you can order. They are shown in Antique cream, Special Walnut, Time Worn White, or Pecan. They are all carved with the rose motif but can be ordered in other  designs. Check out my Etsy site to see the other models available. These doors can have glass or wood centers. They are hand carved and made of pine. They are made to fit over a casing, not in it, meaning that they are all surface mounted. 

These are rose carved, Special Walnut cupboard doors and feature a rose carved upper molding, which can be bought in 6' lengths.

Eugenie Woodcraft

Gables ,hand made by Eugenie Woodcraft

                Rooster, Swan or Rose Gables
These gables are perfect for a shed, porch or any  peak that needs decorating. They are available by custom order in Rooster, Swan or Roses model.

There are matching brackets for the porch or any place that you need a little decorating. This one is Antique blue. These can be custom ordered.
Eugenie Woodcraft

Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Flower Boxes and Headers

     Headers and Flower Boxes in Three Styles
These headers are just the thing to spruce up that plain looking house. They come in three models, Rose, Wheat or Colonial. They have matching flower boxes. They can be ordered to measure and are made of pine. 

The two boxes above feature the Wheat or colonial style.

This window features the white rose flower box and window header.
Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

House trim, and molding, hand made.

                    Hand carved rose corners.

This s is a hand carved rose corner. It measures 4" by 4" by 3/4" thick.These can be used for the  corners of window and door trim. This corner looks nice and is much cheaper then buying your molded corners.  They are made of pine, a soft wood that is inexpensive, readily available and easy to carve, with a hand held rotary tool. I made the rest of the moldings with 1" by 5' pine boards. I made three evenly spaced grooves using the table saw. If you make your own molding it will save you at least 1/2 the cost of real wood moldings. 
These rose corners can be stained or painted in a variety of colors. I could also carve them for you if you are not a do it yourself-er.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.