Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Varnish by hand

                          Varnishing by Hand
If you have a small shop, and limited equipment,  like I do , it might be more feasible to varnish by hand as opposed to spray painting or varnishing. To spray paint you would need a compressor and a sealed room to spray it in. Hand varnishing can yield very nice results and can sometimes apply the finish more evenly everywhere then spraying. this is particularly true when you want to apply special finishes.
This is a batch of furniture that I am finishing in my shop.  I have just applied the stain.

I made these  by inserting a screw into a block of wood to allow me to put the finish on both sides of the furniture at once. The screw supports the furniture so it dries evenly and does not touch the table.
                  How to varnish by hand.
1. Make sure your project is well sanded.
2. Vacuum the pieces thoroughly to remove dust.
3. Use a tack cloth to remove small particles of dust.
4. Apply the stain with a cloth and a brush for the corners and edges. Let it dry .
5.Apply one coat of varnish. Check for drips. Let the varnish dry thoroughly.
6. Use a sanding sponge to sand lightly.
7. Pass the tack cloth to pick up dust.
8. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 two more times.
Now you should have a nice soft  even glow to your project. For hand finishing, Satin finish is the most forgiving. If you apply a  high gloss finish, every speck of dust or imperfection will show. I also think a satin finish looks more like wood. 

Small Cupboard, Storage Cupboard, Canning Cupboard

       April, medium sized cupboard with Roses

I have made this model a few times before but this is the first time I have made it with roses on the door.

This model is called April, and can be ordered on Etsy or you can buy the plan and make it yourself. You don't have to be a seasoned woodworker to make this. You just need a few tools and a weekend. The cupboard is built using the glue screw and cap method of woodworking that allows even a novice to built beautiful furniture is a short amount of time with just basic tools.The carving is done with a hand held rotary tool, a new way to carve that is fun and easy to learn. Check it out on;
                                        Eugenie Woodcraft

Monday, January 28, 2013

Magazine Rack and Mail Organizer, Woodworking Plan

This is Amy a lovely rack that will help you to organize your mail and magazines. It is constructed using the glue, screw and cap method of woodworking that allows you to build strong, beautiful furniture in a reasonable amount of time.

Amy has three compartments and a handy shelf on the bottom. She is carved with a single rose on the top. To build this rack you only need a band saw,  table saw, and a hand held rotary tool with a 5/16" carving bit.

Simple step by step instructions will  show you a fun and easy way to carve a rose with a hand held rotary tool. 
                     Eugenie Woodcraft

Simple Entry Bench, Woodworking Plan or Project

Daisy Entry Bench
This simple entry bench only requires a few tools and my simple but beautiful method of carving with a hand held rotary tool. You will need a table saw, a band saw and a hand held rotary tool with a 5/16" carving to create this beautiful bench.

The carving only takes a little practice, and the plan shows step by step instructions on how to carve with  a hand held rotary tool.

This bench is built using the simple, glue, screw and cap method of woodworking that allows you to build beautiful furniture in a reasonable amount of time. The plan comes with a complete material list, cut list and step by step instructions. When you download the plan, you can look at it in Idea room, a place that allows you to view the bench from all angles and to see exactly how it is put together.
                                                      Eugenie woodcraft

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sandblasted designs in glass or mirror

This is a bathroom cabinet with a garden scene..
This is a window that separates my kitchen and dinning room.

This mirror is available on Etsy.

This was a custom piece.

This is a peacock in a mirror.

This is a small mirror that will be available as a woodworking  plan on Sawtooth Ideas soon, and is available on Etsy.

This was a custom piece. The mirror and desk hangs on the wall. There is a shelf under the skirt.
These are some of the projects I have done that have sandblasted designs in them. Some of these are available on my etsy and some are custom. If you would like to try sandblasting something, I have included the instructions in my post, How to sandblast butterflies in glass, Part 1. 2. 3. and 4.

How to sandblast butterflies on glass. Part 1.

Sand blasting glass is a nice way to add that special something to glass or mirror.
1. This is what you will need to sandblast glass or mirror. Plain colored contact paper. The very sticky kind is best. Don't use the easy to remove kind, it will not adhere to the glass enough.You will also need a pencil, a razor scrapper, a craft knife, window cleaner and a piece of glass or mirror. If you are having the glass cut, ask them to sand the edges so you don't cut yourself on the  sharp edges.

2. Clean the glass and cover it with the contact paper.  Carefully smooth out all of the bubbles.

3. Use a craft knife to cut off the extra contact paper..

How to sandblast butterflies on glass. Part 2.

4. Remove the extra contact paper around the edges.

5. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the butterfly with the stencil.. Stencils are great for sandblasting but you can also draw freehand, you just have to remember that what you cut out, is what will be sandblasted.

6. Remove the stencil to reveal the butterfly.

How to sandblast butterflies on glass. Part 3,

7. Use a craft knife to cut out the outline of your butterfly.

8. Carefully lift off the cut pieces. Press on the edges of the contact paper where you cut out pieces, to make sure there are no lifted edges. Bring the glass to someone who can sandblast it for you. Most glass cutters offer this service.

9. After your glass has been sand blasted, carefully pull off the contact paper. 

How to sandblast butterflies on glass. Part 4.

10. Use the razor scrapper to take off the small pieces of contact paper. Be careful not to scratch the glass.

11. Clean the glass with glass cleaner.

12. Voila, a sandblasted butterfly on glass.
                       Eugenie Woodcraft
             Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple birds and leaves mirror

The only tools you need to make this mirror are:
1. A table saw
2. A band saw
3. A router
4. Hand held Rotary tool, with a 5/16" carving bit

Many people have these tools hanging around the garage. So  park the car in the snowbank, set yourself up a worktable, and make something beautiful this week end. Woodworking doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to be strong, a good singing voice is optional, morning coffee is necessary, but you have what it takes to make something beautiful. You can build it, I can help. This plan is available on Sawtooth Ideas. Beautiful furniture, made simple.

How many clamps do you really need?

This is all the clamps you need.

Because this is all you need them for.
When you use the glue, screw and cap method, you don't need clamps. The glue will hold the pieces together and the screw will hold it until the glue dries. Together they are a great team. This allows you to build furniture in a fast and efficient manner. You can also buy laminated panels of wood so you don't even need a planer. All of my furniture on etsy and on Sawtooth Ideas is made using this method, it's simple, its strong, and it works. All you need is a few tools, this simple method, and your on your way to making beautiful furniture, made simple.

                      Eugenie Woodcraft

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Simple fun project

A simple fun project.

This project is simple, fun and inexpensive.  It is a great way to practice carving with a hand held rotary tool. There are 4 models to choose from, something for everyone. It only requires a small amount of wood. Check them out on Sawtooth Ideas.
                                  Eugenie Woodcraft

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Clock, Storage Clock, Small Clock

             Liza small clock with storage.

The  plan for this clock is now available on
Sawtooth ideas. Although this clock would make any mantle proud, she is easy to build and fun to carve. Liza is built using a simple method of woodworking called the glue, screw and cap method which enables even the novice woodworker to get great results. The carving is done with a hand held rotary tool , a fun and easy way to carve. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Desk, custom model

This is a custom desk I made a while back.When I have a little free time, I am going to make one for myself.

Taking a break with Juliette

 It's time for a coffee break. Juliette stopped by to say hello. 
She likes this shelf, but says that it is not really deep enough to roost in.

A fun and easy way to carve with a wood chisel

 This is a fun and easy way to carve with a wood chisel.          (The duct tape and the chisel, are not really necessary.)

If you don't have a wood chisel, you can use a hand held rotary tool and a 5/16 carving bit. I carve birds, leaves, flowers, and whatever design I want using this fun and easy method and you can too. Check out my plans on Sawtooth Ideas.
                        Eugenie Woodcraft
              Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Craft or Stampbooking Cupboard or Office

This is Martha

This is Martha my lovely craft cupboard, stamp booking cupboard or personal office. I liked this cupboard so much I kept it. It is in my living room and I use it as a little personal office. I use the peg boards to pin up pictures of my  Rosalie, my granddaughter, things I like and things I have to remember. This woodworking plan will be available on Sawtooth ideas soon. You can order one on Etsy, in the color of your choice, but because of its size I only ship it within 200 miles.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What am I, A Bench or Coffee Table

                               What am I?
                           Am I a delightful coffee table or a                                                                                charming bench? What do you think?

I just can't make up my mind. Should I be holding your coffee cup or your behind. I think I am pretty enough to adequately display any cup or doodad you possess, but I am also strong and wide enough to hold up even an ample behind. I come in 4 models, the swans and roses, roses and leaves, sunset or birds. I am going to be available  on Etsy in Pecan, Walnut or painted, and as a woodworking plan on Swtooth Ideas soon. I will fit in anywhere but; 

                             What am I?