Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Paint an Antique a Daisy Shelf, Part 2

How to Antique and Paint a Yellow Daisy Shelf
Make strokes going with the natural curve of the leaf, following the veins, inside to outside. Don't blend the paint too much. Don't paint in the grooves.

Paint the daisy the same way but with yellow and white. Start at the bud and make one stroke to the end of the petal. Let it dry thoroughly.  Now use a light water based stain, I am using Pecan and a small brush and wipe the stain over the daisy and the whole shelf. Make sure to get the stain in the cracks. Then take a dry cloth and wipe off the extra. Let the stain dry. Coat your shelf with two coats of water based varnish, sanding lightly in between each coat to seal and protect the shelf.

Voila! This is what your shelf should look like when you are finished.
                         Eugenie Woodcraft
                   Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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