Friday, August 9, 2013

How To Organize A Small Closet Or Hallway

     How to organize a small hallway or closet.
This closet goes from a bedroom to a bathroom. The space is not wide enough for drawers or a bureau, so I built a set of shelves into the left side of the closet which is in the stairway overhang. This is a good way to use space that was otherwise wasted. The other shelves are just pine boards that have been carved and painted.
This is the left side of the cupboard. I built a tie rack and shelves for storage.

This is the right side of the closet. I painted a yard sale mirror white to match the trim and hung it in the middle of the passageway. On either side I built simple shelves with hooks to hang clothes, handbags, and bath robes, with a little shelf on top for keys, wallets, my makeup bag and  other small items.

This is a tie rack,  but would also make a great rack for scarves or belts.

A simple rose carving adds a little shabby sheek whimsy to the hallway. This is also easy to carve, using a hand held rotary tool and a 5/16" carving bit. The shelf is then painted white, then sanded to give the time worn finish.

I added a top shelf over the door for extra storage. I can store my travel bags and other  seldom used items.

This simple arrangement of hooks provides place for my belts, handbags, bathrobe, and other often used items.
These shelves and racks can be ordered custom from my Etsy shop. (Eugenie Woodcraft)
Beautiful furniture, made simple.