Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shadow Boxes and Pin Boxes

            Shadow Box, Pin Box,  Jewelry Box
These boxes are great for collections, pins or to keep your memories safe. They can be made any size and you can choose a Rose, Robin or Sunset motif on the top of the frame or order one just plain if you want to. The box is backed with a 1" Styrofoam and black velour. There is about 1" of space in between the glass and the velour.

These boxes are great for displaying your collection of brooches. My aunt left me her collection of 92 brooches. She was very dear to me and so I built this box to hold the memories, but 92 brooches is ALOT of Brooches. I kept 25 of my favorites, and gave away the rest to friends and family. I don't think she would have minded, because she was a very generous soul. I have these to remind me of her, and her kindness. This case is above my bedside table. Why hide away something so pretty.

This is a small box perfect to display up to 12 pins.You can see all the extra space that is unused! Can't you?
                       Eugenie Woodcraft
            Beautiful Furniture, Made Simple.

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