Monday, March 25, 2013

Bookcase, Bookshelf, Woodworking Plan

                  Aimee and Faith, Bookcases
These are two new woodworking plans that I have just posted on Sawtooth Ideas. The larger one is Aimee. She features a lovely rose carved molding, with adjustable shelves and a large bottom drawer. These bookcases are both built using the glue, screw and cap method. This is a simple method of woodworking that allows even a novice to achieve great results in a reasonable amount of time.This plan also features carving with a hand held rotary tool, a fun and easy method of carving.

This is Faith, a simple and charming smaller sized bookcase that features one rose and  adjustable shelves. This bookcase can also be ordered from my Etsy shop.

Eugenie Woodcraft
Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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