Friday, March 22, 2013

High Chair, For Older Children

The original design for this chair came from my father. He built two chairs similar to this one when the twins were born. I remember watching him build them. The original chairs were made of 1 sheet of 1/2" plywood, with just a jigsaw and a grinder. My mother painted them black and applied a decal of a basket of fruit on the back. I changed the plan a little by slanting the back legs out to help keep the chair  from being tipped back, and I slanted the back a little to make them more comfortable. This one is made of pine, and is carved with the Sunset design. These chairs are available on my etsy, and coming soon to Sawtooth Ideas as a woodworking plan.

This is a high chair for older children. This is not for babies that can not sit in a chair without falling off. It is designed so that an older child is at the right height to eat properly without a booster seat. The chair sides are lower so it will slip under most tables. These chairs are available in the Sunset, Roses or Robin motif, and come in Special Walnut, Pecan or Time Worn White.

This is Mr Penguin, sitting comfortably  at the table.

                         Eugenie Woodcraft
                Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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