Thursday, October 3, 2013

My First Outside Woodworking Project

            My frist outside woodworking project.
About 15 years ago I built this gazebo out of cedar. I bought some cedar logs, 9' long from my neighbor and used a chop saw that I installed near the garden and a hand held saws all, and 6" nails to build my gazebo.  I used a hole digger to dig the six holes for the poles. I then knotched the poles at 5'. Then I installed the poles three feet in the ground and cut and  measured the side pieces. I slipped them into the notched poles and used 6" nails to hold them in place. I then made a roof out of cedar logs going accross starting from the front piece, then accross again sideways. It has been 15 years and it is still holding strong. I grew grape vines on it and an assortment of flowers arround it. The only big mistake I made was that not everyone is 5' 2" tall. My gazebo is just 6' tall , at the time it looked plenty high. I now have sons that have to duck to walk in. However, it does look charming, if I say so myself.

I built a birdhouse,  feeder, gazebo to go with it, that is happily pearched on the top.

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