Monday, April 8, 2013

simple woodworking, new method

                  Woodworking, Made simple. 
This is a magazine rack that is built using a simple method of woodworking that I call the "Glue, screw and cap method". When I first started woodworking I was a bit intimidated by complicated joinery and electric tools in general. I still don't like the electric hand saw because it is heavy and easy to lose control, so I developed a method of woodworking that allows me to build beautiful, strong and creative furniture, using simple building methods and ways of using tools that are safer than the traditional method. For instance, I use a jigsaw to pre cut boards, instead of an electric  hand saw, then I make the final cut on the table saw, to get a nice straight cut. I assemble the furniture using screws and glue, instead of clamps, nails or other joinery methods. This allows me to build furniture faster, because the screws hold the pieces together while the glue dries. I can continue to build on the project right away. I always use pine, it is a soft wood that cuts and carves  easily and is readily available. You can find pre planned pine boards, and laminated boards at any hardware store. This eliminates the need for a planner. A planner is not particularly dangerous but they are expensive, and require a lot of space. My method of woodworking, saves time, is simpler, can be used in a small garage, and is easier to accomplish with professional results. The plans shown and more are all available on Sawtooth Ideas. This is where I sell my plans. They allow you to download the complete plan, and also view it in Idea Room which allows you to view the plan from all sides, and view how they are put together. Idea room is free.

                  Eugenie Woodcraft
          Beautiful furniture, made simple.

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